January is a Magical Time in Breckenridge

photo_1-16-11We are between two events that make Breckenridge Breckenridge … Ullrfest and the International Snow Sculpting Championship.

Thursday was, in my view … the culmination of Ullr week with the parade of ivory horns, beards and general merrymaking making its way down Main Street to the tune of rabble rousing and loudspeakers providing the musical soundscape. The rest of the week was full of interesting events including the Ullympics and a Body Art Ball that had the locals talking.

Coming up next are the International Snow Sculpting Championships … while this might sound like something akin to watching your nephew stuff snow into those plastic ‘giant lego’esque forms to have yet another go at building his own igloo, I can assure you that this event is much different, and a must-see. Some sculptures are so mathematically/geometrically designed, you will wonder how they are standing at all. I recommend going to see the finished sculptures at night … while they are fun to see during the daytime (and you will be left a bit warmer), the way they are lit up at night in contrast to Breckenridge’s dark and starry skies is an experience similar to walking through the “statue department” (for lack of a higher falutin’ way of saying it) of any of the more esteemed art galleries.

Come to Breckenridge … we’re in the midst of a magical Winter.