Somewhere Under the Rainbow

What am I excited about this week? That I walked out of the back door of Ski Village Resorts last evening to go home, got in my car, turned and looked – and there before me was a complete, seemingly ground-to-ground, fully formed rainbow containing, yes … all the colors of the rainbow (hardy har har).

So in the spirit of Lucky the Leprechaun, Dorothy and The Wizard, and all of us dreamers hoping to find the pot of gold at the end of our own personal rainbows, I present a ski town themed “What the Colors of the Rainbow Make Me Think Of”:

Red: The color of my cheeks if I forget to bring my fleece neck gaiter with me for my day on The Hill.

Orange: The color of the traffic cones that suddenly appear at the end of the ski day on Park Avenue, to corral and manage the hundreds of unluckies in their cars who didn’t book lodging in one of Ski Village Resorts’ many convenient properties.

Yellow: The color of Breckenridge’s premier gourmet soup, bread & salad shop Soupz On’s gift certificates – it is no secret amongst the Ski Village office staff that I have a particular affinity for their caesar salad. I dream about it, I save up to treat myself to it, and yes – I had it served at my wedding rehearsal dinner. If you ever find yourself wanting to express gratitude for your enjoyment of my quick witted, yet delicately balanced blog posts – Soupz On gift certificates are an acceptable form of expression, which I will promptly turn in for a caesar fix.

Green: The color of the, what else? Evergreens as the chairlift travels by. Or at least the ones the beetles haven’t gotten to, yet.

Blue: The color of Lowe’s. What? You thought I was going to write something about Breckenridge’s unmatched bluebird ski days, with skies so pure you’d think the folks at Crayola mixed their original batch of blue after hiking up the mountain–toting their wooden plank skis for the ride down, and finishing up with a drink at the Gold Pan with the likes of Doc Holliday? Nope – I’ll stay on the fence here, but the local Lowe’s debate has used up quite a bit of copy in the Summit Daily, as of late.

Indigo: Ah, yes – the elusive definition of ‘indigo’. I’m going to go with the color of the new LED Christmas lights that seem to populate our town branches more every year. Let’s raise a glass of wassail to energy efficiency and their gorgeous, indescribable indigo.

Violet: The color of Colorado’s ‘showy daisy’, or ‘Erigeron Speciosus’ – one of the many flowers that naturally appear during the all-too-brief Summer season. These flowers always look to me like a hairier, purple cousin of the more common white daisy mountain wildflower. I love them both.

Clearly, I’ve shown that Roy G. Biv was a mountain man. I’ll meet you here next time; and until then, I’ll be somewhere over the rainbow – dreaming the dreams that I dare to dream, waiting for them to come true.