Unbelievable Fall Colors in 2010

Fall in the Rocky Mountains can come and go within days, but not this year! The autumn colors have been going strong for weeks now. Vibrant yellows can be seen on the mountain-sides and even some orange leaves are popping up. The yellow aspen leaves seem to be more golden and stunning this year, and everyone is asking “WHY?” Here are a few thoughts:

1st We had a rainy summer compared to our usual drier summers.

2nd We had a mild/warm late summer with no snow or major windstorms that would destroy the aspen leaves.

Weekends in Breckenridge continue to be busy since the weather is unseasonably warm and the fall colors are spectacular. My favorite time of the day to see the aspens is at dawn, just before the sun rises. With the darker sky, the aspens appear brighter than ever! Great time to get pictures!!!

If you are looking for beautiful fall drives, I would recommend taking Boreas Pass from Breckenridge over to Como and down to Fairplay and Alma and back over Hoosier Pass to Breckenridge. You will be on a narrow dirt road for part of the drive, but it is passable with a 2 wheel-drive car. At the top of Boreas Pass is the Continental Divide. You will come upon a few historic houses that are now part of the Summit Huts Association and can be reserved for winter stays. This pass served as a wagon road in the1860’s for gold prospectors and later had railroad tracks installed. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop and let you experience it for yourself!