Welcome Breckenridge Freshies!!

It’s that time of year when all of the young ‘kids’ move into Breckenridge seeking seasonal work or should I say, seeking a season of shredding, partying, and ‘taking a break from life.’

We’ve all been there, yet it’s always fun to sit back and watch this influx of excited ‘freshies.’ By definition, this slang term, freshies, is used to describe untouched fresh snow, also known as powder. But when you hear these new-comers say “Ohhhh, I saw a FOX yesterday!!” or “Does it really snow THAT much?!” you can’t help but say, “Aww, what cute Breckenridge Freshies!” Or when you see that spark in their eyes when we get our 1st foot of snow or the parties that arise on opening day of the mountain, Breckenridge Freshies is what these newbies are.

Before the mountain opens, the aisles of City Market are filled with wanna-be-pro skiers and riders wearing their baggy snowpants, goggles, hats, and talking about the latest ski movie. My favorite was a few weeks ago, I saw some guys wearing their snowpants and googles and the mountain wasn’t even open!! Did we even have enough snow to be building rails in the backyard? I don’t know, but it sure was entertaining.

Being the “local”, it’s great to share with them little tips that helped me when I moved to the mountains, like …

Local: “Buy a $10 tow rope and keep it in your car … you never know when you’ll need it!” Breckenridge Freshie: “What?! I’m going to get stuck in the snow?”

Local: “Swap out your summer wiper blades for some winter ones.” Breckenridge Freshie: “Winter wiper blades?? What are those?”

Local: “Befriend the employees of your favorite establishment so you can get some freebies.” Breckenridge Freshie: “Oh, I’ve already met the bartender and the bouncer at our buddy’s bash the other night.” … of course!

So just as we are getting excited to hit up the untouched freshies on the mountain this winter, the Breckenridge Freshies are chill’n before figuring out what this mountain living is all about.